MIA, Partners End Peace, Reconciliation, Dialogue Seminar


Mrs. Shetha K. Weah, Executive Director – RESPECT Liberia


PRESS RELEASE                                                                                   March 23, 2017

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and its partner, Respect Liberia, over the weekend ended a two-day peace and reconciliation dialogue held at the Zwedru City Hall in Grand Gedeh County.

Morris Wesseh, head of secretariat, said the dialogue is a United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Quick Impact Project implemented by the MIA in collaboration with the Rural Education Sponsorship Program.

The project, Mr. Wesseh said, also incorporates stakeholders from all over the county to form part of the multi-disciplinary dialogue forum that discusses issues that support peace and reconciliation in the county.

Participants also discussed how to enhance the drafting of a 5-year vision plan for reconciliation and an action plan for the conduct of peaceful elections in October.

Participants were drawn from Zwedru and its immediate environs, including representatives of local authority, political parties, the media, motorcyclists and trade unions.

The seminary commenced on February 11 and ended on March 1.

Mrs. Shetha Koon Weah, Respect-Liberia executive director, said the project is funded by UNMIL through the MIA to institute transparency where necessary.

Meanwhile, the UNMIL regional field office Political Affairs Officer, Jean Bosco, has expressed gratitude to the MIA and partner for organizing what he said was the most successful and inclusive peace and reconciliation dialogue ever held in the county.

DISCLAIMER: This article was published by the Liberian Observer and was retrieved on March 23, 2017 and posted here for information and educational purposes only. RESPECT Liberia is not responsible for the content of published materials.


Published by respectliberia

RESPECT Liberia is a non-government organization base in the Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County in the Southeastern of Liberia and is an associate member of RESPECT International, Canada. In line with the stated goals of RESPECT International, RESPECT Liberia is also poised to fully serve as the link between the international community, refugee community and war affected children in Liberia.

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