Post-Ebola Community Response -USAID/Mercy Corps Partnership

Welcome to our website at RESPECT Liberia. We appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit our website and learn about what we do. We make it our goal to create a community of activists and development practitioners interested in post-war development in Liberia and the sub-region.

We hope the time you’ve taken to visit our website to learn about what we do is worth it and we look forward to establish an amicable, reliable and professional relationship to mutually accomplish our goals and objectives as global citizens. We believe that global partnership for development is one of the MDGs that goes beyond time and national boundaries instrumental to forge a world of global peace, unity and stability.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information on what we do and how you could contribute your time and resources to facilitate our goals. We are also interested in local and global partnerships for development and would appreciate to get in touch should you, someone or an organization you know is interested in what we do and willing to collaborate.

If you are a school teacher and would like to know more about our Global Letter Exchange Program (GLEP), please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to provide you with more information to get the GLEP with your school started.

RESPECT Liberia is not-for profit and non-governmental organization registered, accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Liberia. RESPECT Liberia gained its legal statuses in May 2010 emerging from a local community-based organization to a vibrant national organization with active local, national and international presence