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RESPECT Liberia is not-for profit and non-governmental organization registered, accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Liberia. RESPECT Liberia gained its legal statuses in May 2010 emerging from a local community-based organization to a vibrant national organization with active local, national and international presence.

Since its incorporation as a non-for profit and non-governmental organization, RESPECT Liberia has actively collaborated with several local, national and international organizations to promote and facilitate post-war development, reconstruction, rehabilitation, reintegration, and reconciliation of individuals and communities in Liberia.

RESPECT Liberia is an associate member of RESPECT International, Canada. In line with the stated goals of RESPECT International, RESPECT Liberia is poise to fully serve as the link between the international and non-refugees communities, refugees and displaced communities and war-affected children and youth in Liberia.

RESPECT Liberia’s primary goal is educational and cultural exchange through letter exchange between refugees and non-refugees communities, but has since expanded operations to assist facilitate the improvements of socioeconomic challenges that impact the livelihoods of students and their communities in Liberia.

Administrative Map of Liberia-UN
Administrative Map of Liberia-UN

Realizing the negative impacts that civil and political upheavals have on children and youth and rural communities in Liberia, RESPECT Liberia, recognizes the needs and responsibilities to help in the rehabilitation of rural communities by providing hope and direction in the areas of education, cultural exchange, public health and sanitation, human rights and protection, civic education and participation, food and nutritional security, gender empowerment and advocacy, capacity development and engagement.

RESPECT Liberia also seeks to encourage and facilitate leadership training among youth and women with the emphasis on social business development and entrepreneurship to enhance livelihoods at the rural, local and national scales.

At RESPECT Liberia, the central philosophy that guides our functional and operational duties is grounded by our believe that “developing the minds of people” is the primary step to develop a successful and vibrant nation-state. We hold dearly to this believe because the mind is the host of our worldviews, our worldviews influence our thoughts, our thoughts inform our behaviors, our behaviors is a function of our characters, and our unique characters determine who we are, which influence our actions to ourselves and others. It is not our goal at RESPECT Liberia to control individuals or produce clones of individuals, but to provide our stakeholders with the necessary tools useful for self-determination, nation building, sustainable peace, and reconciliation.

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