Our Vision

The mission of RESPECT Liberia is to create opportunities that will improve the lives of disadvantaged youths, women, and children through education, public health, food security and nutrition, safe drinking water and sanitation, human rights and protection.

Building a better foundation for today’s youths as they are tomorrow’s leaders.

Creating an avenue for the youth to use their local resources available to yield tangible results and long-lasting impact on their lives as well as providing capacity building program (computer, sewing etc). This will help create awareness in the minds of the Refugees/war affected children in gaining their self-belongings and fully participate in any given community service projects through the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UN MDGs).

RESPECT Liberia seeks to promote the socio-economic development of women, children, refugees, and internally displaced persons in post-war Liberia:


  • To enhance the education of Refugees and non-refugee communities. To increase awareness and understanding of refugees’ issues among non-refugee students in Liberia and around the world. This will be achieved in collaboration with RESPECT International (an affiliate body) so as to ensure the flow of information between refugees and non-refugees students in Liberia and with their counterparts around the world. In Liberia reintegration program and emergency, RESPECT Liberia works with children from ages 3-5 to support Early Childhood Care Development activities by “Catching Them Young”, at 6-14 years of primary and secondary education. We also support positive youth development and empowerment.
  • To facilitate a joint Assistant Sponsorship Program & Refugee Aid nationally and internationally by enhancing communities together.RESPECT Liberia aims at soliciting for sponsorship and to help raise funds on the local and international level to help refugee students as well as a source for educational materials for refugee schools in Liberia. One basic thing that RESPECT Liberia through her international affiliates can boast of is its ability to network many organizations as well as communities. RESPECT is now growing everywhere and every day. It is therefore very important that communities that are capable of helping others would be encouraged to do so by raising funds and sending a care package to a sponsored refugee schools. This goal would also focus on cultural exchange between communities in the course of our activities. We would also encourage the spirit of volunteerism among members so as to help people like refugees and the disadvantaged in society.
  • To educate refugees on primary health care through preventive health care methodologies thereby reducing the risk of an epidemic.RESPECT Liberia organizes health clubs to participate in debates in schools with teenage boys and girls about health matters. In the community through awareness raising, RESPECT Liberia educates refugee and war-affected youth about sexual and reproductive health in schools through her Health Volunteers. Referral is frequently done to a health center or a nearby hospital for proper medical treatment.
  • To create cultural exchange through information and communication technologies (ICT).

Target Group

Refugees and internally displaced persons are the primary targets of our programs. However, RESPECT works with other vulnerable individuals, which include women and children. The organization is presently dealing with refugee students in schools at all levels -from elementary, secondary, and tertiary as well as those in paraprofessional institutions.

We youth between the ages of 15- 24 and engage them in series of educational activities geared towards positive youth development. Any refugee student in Liberia who wants to be part of the RESPECT family and benefit through its rich and well designed programs should contact us. We will be happy to get in touch and work with you.

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