Our Plans

RESPECT Liberia hopes to intensify all forms of awareness creation programs into public and private schools in Liberia focusing more on the education of Youth & Children, Girls and politics, and human rights.

RESPECT Liberia interprets entrepreneurship as much more than just starting and operating within enterprises. It is fundamentally about helping people (young people, war affected boys, and girls) develop the inclinations and abilities to see and seize opportunities within their changing environment. In this vein, we hope to continue instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship into our program beneficiaries to become responsible and enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers and contribute positively to the economic and social development of the local and international community as a whole.

RESPECT Liberia hopes to scale-up working with other advocacy organizations to raise public awareness about health issues, Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV), Educations and problems that disproportionately affect different populations because of prevailing conditions.

RESPECT promotes and works with research institutions to help drive with new tools to fight HIV/AIDS and Malaria infections. This local organization creates awareness on the infectious diseases, by educating the people on the effect of the disease, its prevention, and reduction of stigma and to encourage Volunteered Counseling Testing (VCT) and sleeping under nets. RESPECT in the effort to fighting HIV is working with mostly youth (boys/girls) young people are working with at least 5 peers each helps them spread the messages of HIV prevention and free condoms distribution. RESPECT Liberia working with young people that help greatly in reaching more than 1000 young people a month. We will continue to work and partner with peer educator and work hard to raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS and Malaria Prevention and Hygiene/Sanitation promotion.

Malaria prevention we also create awareness among rural communities and refugees as our emergency approach. In the case where there is no Doctor, RESPECT facilitates the training of community health volunteers to provide basic health education and set up a first aid team in concerned communities.  The first Aid Community Health Volunteers are trained and responsible to applied only first Aid treatments for the attack of malaria, running stomach, headache, minor burns and cuts and refer to the nearest clinic or hospital for fender treatment if necessary.

We push for a more political commitment from the highest levels of governments and with other stakeholders to work towards providing support for programs aimed at ensuring access to good health care for people living hard to reach communities.

RESPECT Liberia will scale up its efforts to continue organizing educational activities in collaboration with other organizations, symposiums, seminars and sub-regional conferences to address the numerous issues concerned with youth, children, and young women. The Issues of human rights and global peace had feature high on the agenda and a strong network of young activists and development advocates has been build to ensure that there is sustained peace in Liberia.

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