Global Letter Exchange Program

Program Overview

RESPECT Liberia connects refugees and non-refugee schools via its Global Letter Exchange Program (GLEP) to facilitate, promote and enhance cross-cultural dialogue, educational exchanges and collaborative actions for development through letters. To date, RESPECT Liberia has successfully linked over 500 refugee students with non-refugee students in the U.S. via GLEP initiative and we seek to connect about 5,000 students by 2020.

Refugee schools and non-refugee school are link-up together through RESPECT Liberia associate organization, RESPECT International, Canada.

letter-iconSchools and students participating in RESPECT’s GLEP model program self-fund the letter exchanges with funds mostly covering the costs associated with the postage and handling of letters between the non-refugee and refugee schools. In most instances, schools and students are encourage to conduct local fundraising events to assist refugee schools with the postage and handling costs of letters in Liberia and to their partner non-refugee schools. RESPECT Liberia networks provide technical resources and advice on how funds raised (mostly for postage, etc.) can be sent to refugee schools.


Through GLEP, RESPECT Liberia and its international networks seeks to achieve the following fundamental objectives:

  1. LEARN
    • To raise awareness on refugee issues among youth by providing educational communities worldwide with information, training and resources.
  2. BUILD
    • To build bridges between youth from refugee schools and non-refugee schools through letter exchange and beyond.
  3. ACT
    • To take actions in helping refugees by organizing educational and awareness – raising events to educate others on refugee issues and to raise funds for partnered refugee schools.
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